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Sinks and Faucets is ISK that leaves or enters Eve Online, not ISK that is exchanged between players and corporations

Total Faucets, Sinks and active isk delta

These charts shows the total isk inflows (npc bounties etc) followed by the isk outflows to give the monthly change in isk as the third chart, the top right chart shows the active isk delta (players leaving the game with their isk) to then given the actual monthly change in isk in Eve, the bottom right chart then shows the total isk in the Eve.

Give the charts a few seconds to load . . . . . 

Sinks analysed by Business Type

These charts Group most of the Sinks into five categories: Merchants; Industrialists; Scientists; General Players; and Corporations

Merchant Sinks

The sinks that make up the Merchant Sinks

Industrialist Sinks

The sinks that make up the Industrialist Sinks

Scientist Sinks

The sinks that make up the Scientist Sinks

General Player Sinks

The sinks that make up the General Player Sinks

Corporation Sinks

The sinks that make up the Corporation Sinks

Other Sinks - part 1

Other Sinks - part 2

Other Sinks - part 3

Other Sinks - part 4

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