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About this site

This site takes the monthly economic data for Eve Online provided by CCP and puts it all together in charts so that we may get a better understanding about the economy of Eve.

I use python / pandas to upload, manipulate and visualise the data, as well as produce the charts and chart book attached to the site.

The code is shown on the Code page

About me

I currently write the marketsforisk blog which narrates my progress in making isk in Eve online.  I am currently on my third time playing the game, re-starting in August 2020.

All my prior isk was either given away or still sitting with old characters.

This time i want to experience a range of the business ventures in Eve rather than pure trading.

My current main ingame character is Blythe Valley and i am totally focused on the industry within Eve.  Presently all in High Sec.  One look at the zKillboard will tell you that. 

Before all this, i wrote a World of Warcraft blog which narrated my progress in making 1 million gold back in the days when that meant something.

Contact me

email my ingame character, or join my corporation chat channel "General Commerce and Industry Corporation" or email

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