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Regional Data

A measure of the key economic activities in each region driven by players and corporations: Trade Value, Mining Value, Production Value, NPC Bounties, Destroyed Value

A chart for each region  with Trade Value / Mining Value / Production Value / NPC Bounties / and Destroyed Value

The top chart aggregates all the regions, the following 4 charts show the High Sec trade hubs (The Forge, Domain, Sinq Laison, Heimatar, Metropolis)

For all the individual regions, see the Chart Book on the Home page.

Give the charts a few seconds to load . . . . . 

All Regions Aggregated

Aggregates all the regional data on Trade, Mining, Production, NPC Bounties and Destruction

The Forge (includes Jita trade hub)

Domain (includes Amarr trade hub)

Sinq Laison (includes Dodixie trade hub)

Heimatar (includes Rens trade hub)

Metropolis (includes Hek trade hub)

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